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Best Armor & Weapons by level

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Best Armor & Weapons by level

Post by Xdark Starx on Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:45 pm


LVL 20

Head: Veterans helmet

Shoulders: Battle Shoulder

Back: Enforcer lvl 20

Upper Arm: Hide upper arm armor

Wrist: Hide Forearm armor

Glove: Work glove

Belt: Wire belt

Thigh: Hide thigh plate

Boot: Enforcer lvl 20

Lvl 25

Head: Security Helmet

Shoulders: Security Shoulders

Back: Security Vest

Upper arm: Security upper arm

Wrist: NA

Glove: Enforcer lvl 25

Belt: Security belt

Thigh: Security Thigh armor

Boot: Enforcer lvl 25

Lvl 30

Head:sp forces helmet

Shoulders: SP forces shoulders

Back: SP forces vest

Upper arm: Combat Upper arm

Wrist: NA

Glove: Enforcer lvl 25

Belt: SP forces belt

Thigh: Sp forces Thigh plate

Boot: Security boots

Lvl 35

Head: Military helmet

Shoulders: Camo shoulders

Upper arm: Upper arm assault armor

Rest of set, lvl 35 enfo armor

Lvl 40

Head: Heavy Assault helmet


Shoulders: Superior Plate

Back: Superior Plate

Upper arm: upper arm assault armor

(Or mad gorilla for all 3)


Wrist: NA

Glove: Enforcer lvl 35

Belt: Heavy assault belt

Thigh: Enforcer lvl 35

Boot: Tanker Boots


LVL 20

Dps: SOG sap

Dmg: Foe Smiter

Two handed: 7th Inning Beatdown

LVL 25

Dps: John Norris Knife

Dmg: Weighted Smighter

Two handed: Barbell Bar

LVL 30

Dps: D-guard Blades

Dmg: Colton Machete

Two handed: Barbell Bar

LVL 35

Dps: Havidar Kukri

Dmg: Parang Machete

Two handed: Pulaski Mattock

LVL 40

Dps:Cadejo Machete

Dmg: Sukiwari Machete

Two handed: World Series of Pain

LVL 45

Dps: Vibro Chassis

Dmg: Dadao Blade

Two handed: Weight Trainer

Standard Rifles and Shotguns for VIP vault

LVL 20

Light Rifle: AK-206 7.62x39mm

Shotgun: Coyle .410

Heavy Rifle: Z.I. LR-31a (Vista Citizen's Sniper Rifle)

LVL 25

Light Rifle: Omega Arms Timber Wolf

Shotgun: GA-88 Riot Gun

Heavy Rifle: Rangemaster 30-06 (Vista Learner's Sniper Rifle)

LVL 30

Light Rifle: TempestTech SP-150

Shotgun: Kodiak 12 Gauge

Heavy Rifle: Rangemaster 3-EB

LVL 35

Light Rifle: JMB Warpath

Shotgun: Coyle 12 Gauge

Heavy Rifle: Rangemaster 3-EB

LVL 40

Light Rifle: GlobalTech Arms Mars

Shotgun: Coyle 12 Gauge

LVL 45

Light Rifle: Peerless Eradicator

Shotgun: Coyle LE Streetsweeper

Heavy Rifle: JMB OS-OK

Heavy Rifle: TempestTech Avenger
Xdark Starx

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